Signia is committed to sustainability – we strive to minimise the environmental impact from our developments.  Environmental risks are considered at the outset of our developments and we are committed to improve our construction processes to reduce operational energy/GHG emissions and waste to landfill.


At Signia we endeavour to build greener homes for our customers, be it through the  provision of renewable amenities in our buildings, ensuring we use a local supply chain for our materials and labour force, creating environmentally friendly communities built on brownfield sites close to local transport infrastructure and of course by our focus on running a sustainable business: supporting, training and educating our staff wherever possible.


Our homes are furnished with energy saving lighting solutions; sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are incorporated at our developments; cycle racks are provided for every apartment or house; we install photo voltaic panels where possible, and we seek to encourage our residents to adopt greener lifestyles, presenting interesting and achievable ideas to them via our home owner’s manuals.